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Google Slides ENDANGERED ANIMAL REPORTS Research Writing Project

Google Slides ENDANGERED ANIMAL REPORTS Research Writing Project

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Teach research writing using Google Slides Endangered ANIMAL REPORTS (29 Animal graphic organizers). Easily differentiated for multiple student learning levels. Students respond to each prompt by typing in the text boxes. Use as an independent or class project or enrichment for fast finishers. This product can be used with a tablet, iPad, Chromebook, laptop, or a desktop computer. (60 pages)

 >> This resource does NOT include reading passages <<

Bluefin Tuna

American Alligator

Black Footed Ferret

Gray Wolf

Piping Plover

Ring-tailed Lemur

Sumatran Orangutan

Pygmy Hippo

Leatherback Turtle

Northern Spotted Owl


Brown Hyena

Mako Shark

Snow Leopard


African Elephant

African Lion

North African Ostrich

Indian Rhinoceros

Grizzly Bear

Polar Bear

Toco Toucan

Siberian Tiger

Giant Panda

Mountain Gorilla

American Crocodile

Green Anaconda

African Wild Dog

Blue Whale

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