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CHICKEN LIFE CYCLE Digital Flip Book Google Slides

CHICKEN LIFE CYCLE Digital Flip Book Google Slides

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Teach students about the life cycle of a chick using Google Slides. This Chicken Life Cycle resource integrates science vocabulary & language arts. Two quizzes and additional activities allow you to monitor student learning and mastery. (11 Google Slides)


Hen, Rooster, Clutch of Eggs, Embryo Stages, Hatching Chick, Baby Chick.


Life Cycle of a Chicken 5 pg. Slide Digital Flip Book

1. Hen, Rooster & Clutch of Eggs

2. The Egg

3. Embryo Stages

4. Hatching Chick

5. Baby Chick

 >> Quiz 1 : Sequence 5 steps of the Chicken Life Cycle (with movable pieces)

>> Quiz 2 : Match definitions to parts of the chicken (with movable pieces)

2 Additional Slides:

  • Label the Parts of a Chicken slide with movable pieces
  • Sequence the Life Cycle of a Chicken 6-circle flow chart slide with movable pieces

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